2018 and Beyond

There is now a new board of Trustees at Mama Upendo Children’s Trust. We have much work to do from improving our online profile through social media and ensuring our website does all the things that we want it to, especially as we were hit by a cyber attack which has caused havoc.

Our first priority with the orphanage and feeding programme is to ensure that they continue to support the current numbers however our aim is to support many more. We are actively fundraising to start building on our own land so we can support more children at the orphanage and we also want to increase our outreach programme to support more of the poorest people in Kenya.

We will be posting weekly going forwards across all of our media platforms, instagram, facebook, twitter and linked in as well as here so we keep you updated on each stage of our journey. It may take a while for us to get where we want to be with the website but we will get there.


This is the link to one of the posts we put out last week: https://www.facebook.com/169992783049110/photos/pcb.1605707816144259/1605707752810932/?type=3


The Mama Upendo Childrens Trust is building a new website!


We are in the process of changing our web hosting & also working on bringing you a new exciting website that will be updated more often to bring you the latest news. Please bear with us while this happens. In the meantime, you can contact us:-

Mama Upendo Childrens Trust +44 (0) 1373 452 251 [email protected]

PLEASE DONATE TO THE ORPHANAGE HERE: www.justgiving.com/mamaupendo/Donate

The Mama Upendo Children’s Trust is based in Frome, Somerset. Our primary objective is to provide free shelter, care, education and future opportunities to children orphaned through AIDS or other misfortune in the Kitui District in the Eastern Province of Kenya.